The continuous expansion of online purchase and more people embracing online shopping has given new entities to e-commerce platforms. Every other business person thinks that having an e-commerce portal will be a successful turn for his or her business. The ubiquity of internet accessibility and the reliability of accessing these platforms in different countries and languages have enabled firms to trade their products without geographic limitations.
When the single thought of designing your e-commerce website strikes your mind, right at that moment, you start making strategies. The investor knows he wants a broad client base and something that can represent his business globally.

With the advancement in technology and an availability of a scalable and highly flexible open platform, you can personalize your e-commerce websites as per your requirement. Conquer new markets, sell across borders and attract a global audience with just one smart move. You would not like to fall into the case where customers can acquire your product but cannot buy them because they need help understanding the product description. Languages play a considerable role in creating peaceful relationships with your customers. To enable your platform to be accessed in multiple languages, ensure you have a Multi-Language PrestaShop Store.

What is the importance of multilingual options in e-commerce?

Thanks to open platforms like the “multilingual PrestaShop store” we can reliably expand our business globally. Not only this option naturally increases your sales and audience, but it is by far the most versatile approach that makes your virtual shop a recognized name among global customers. Petrahop enables you to use over 65 languages regardless of the region or country your customer belongs to. Some of you might think that my business is doing fine with the local customers now. Why invest in this? Well, here are some of the advantages of a multilingual e-commerce store.

Global reach- The websites that can only be accessed in a single language, let’s say “English,” will have less reach. Only 17% of the world’s population can speak, and approximately 25% can understand this language. That means the global e-commerce portal that functions in only one language has only 23-24% of the client base globally. To expand that number, Prestahop’s multilingual store is the best option. Besides this, if you’re looking for a good google ranking in a specific country, Your shop must avail products in its language. Otherwise, you will never appear in the top ranks.

Enhance sales- Per the survey, retail e-commerce is expected to reach $5.4 trillion in 2022. The pandemic has pushed several people worldwide to change their purchasing ways and depend more on these online platforms. There is no doubt that the revenue generated by these online platforms will keep increasing. The catch is how you can make your space in this business world. You must make sound and suitable investments to stand out among other business professionals. Creating and adding an extension of the multilingual PrestaShop store and translating the most used sections of your website, like offers, shipping, pricing, return and exchange, payment options, and others, will, by default, be a warm invitation to new customers.

Portray an image of professionalism- A multilingual e-commerce portal projects a picture of a professional and trustworthy portal that wants to create good relations with its employees. These portals can easily influence their customers internationally, being able to operate in international markets. For almost all customers, language is the barrier, and they will like to buy a product they need help understanding. So, you must spend your time and money on high-quality services. This will display a professional environment, and your buyers will think of you as genuine and one they can easily trust.

How To Create A Multilingual PrestaShop Website?

To convert the text into a specific language, one needs to use a machine or a professional translator. Depending on the client’s need, a single store can be transliterated using subcategories for a similar product, or different stores can be designed in their language. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a multilingual PrestaShop store.

Language pack installation- Go to the left menu after installing PrestaShop in the language you understand. You will see the admin panel called “improve,” click on it, and then click on “international,” which will navigate you to “localization .”Now click on the languages to check all that is added to the store. Now navigate to Improve/International /Translation. Here at translation, click on the add and update language block. Add your desired language, and a new language will be added to your PrestaShop store.


The static pages and the product catalogs are the significant aspects of the PrestaShop that needs to be translated. In the PrestaShop editor, these materials can be rewritten, and in case you don’t want translations to be displayed until they are finished, you can disable language in Localization. Well, some essential elements, such as product attributes, products, categories, and product features, must be addressed in the translation.

Translator profile- To access and translate the content through the administration panel, create a translator profile. By following these simple steps, you can add a new translator. Navigate to CONFIGURE, then to Advanced Parameters, and click Team. Each user can select a distinct language. Setting up new profiles’ access privileges is the most demanding page. This can be done in two simple steps: go to ADMINISTRATION, then click on Permissions.


PrestaShop is reputed and easy-to-use software that allows users to work independently and develop their e-commerce store at a very reasonable cost. However, if you are looking for professionals to create multilingual PrestaShop, you can get in touch with us. We are a team of experienced and well-trained developers who are widely appreciated for providing the best PrestaShop Development Services at the most affordable rates. For our remarkable services, feel free to reach us at