This project involved automation and integration of onparallel platform
with apptivo CRM. The ideas was to get the customer data (from various parallels) from onparallel
and push it automatically to the apptivo CRM with proper tagging.

What is AppTivo CRM?

Apptivo CRM is a highly customizable cloud-based suite of business tools that
caters to small and medium-sized businesses. It is easy to use for marketing campaigns, email
marketing, contact management, project management, lead management, opportunity management, and
invoicing. Using the Apptivo CRM the complex sales can be manageable.

What is Onparallel platform?

OnParallel is a cloud-based platform that provides high-performance
computing solutions for businesses and organizations. With its advanced parallel processing
technology, OnParallel allows users to quickly and efficiently process complex data sets and perform
compute-intensive tasks, all while minimizing infrastructure costs. The platform is designed to be
user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and tools that make it easy to manage and scale computing
resources. OnParallel is a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve their data processing
capabilities and gain a competitive edge in today’s data-driven world.

Client Requirement / Goal

Client is using Apptivo CRM and Onparallel workflows. The requirement
was specifically about syncing both platforms using respective APIs, To post the completed and
closed parallel data from Onparallel to the Apptivo CRM. Our job was to create a middleware to sync
the data automatically instead of handling each customers data manually.

Our Solution

We created a middleware which is hosted on the LAMP server. The
middleware facilitates the seamless posting of the customer data from onParallel to the Apptivo CRM.
The client does not need to handle any information manually on apptivo CRM.

Specifics of our solution:

  • We created a middleware script which is hosted
    on an independent server.
  • Middleware works with onparallel specific
    events (create, close, competed) to trigger actions in the script.

Middleware works with onparallel specific events

  • Onparallel Events are used to trigger the
    script on specific action to fetch the customer data and inserted into the apptivo

Onparallel Events fetch customer data and insert into apptivo

  • Apptivo APIs are used to push the customer
    details into the Apptivo CRM

customer details in Apptivo CRM

Main Features

  • Fully automated solution
  • Works with APIs on both sides (onparallel &

Tech Stack

PHP server side scripting language


The solution is working perfectly for Client and it has resulted in huge savings of time and effort for
their team.

Responsive and thorough communication to complete the project. I would recommend and hire Ambika in the
future without hesitation. – Scott Morley
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