With millions of customers, the global eCommerce market is big enough to level up your business. Hold on! Are you still restricted to one country? It’s time to step out and sell your amazing products to all 195 countries worldwide.

Here Shopify Markets can be your cross-border companion offering a complete set of features you need. So, it’s finally a question, “how a single online dashboard can help me excel in the competitive international markets?”

Let’s find that out!

What is Shopify Markets?

Shopify Markets is a cross-border eCommerce management tool designed to unlock the global reach of eCommerce businesses. It centralizes various international business tools and helps you manage your cross-border sales.

Whether it’s the currency conversion or duty calculation, Shopify Markets get your back at every step. Therefore, you don’t need a third-party retailer or middleman to sell your products to your international customers.

How Does Shopify Markets Work?

Shopify Markets give you an exclusive dashboard integrated with various features and functionalities. So, it automates time-consuming processes such as currency conversions, language localization, calculating import taxes, and more.

Also, tool allows you to build a customize shopping experience for buyers according to their native needs. For instance, you can customize your offers based on the occasion and events in the targeted country.

In simple terms, Shopify Markets simplify your global expansions while boosting your sales and customer experience.

How is Shopify Markets Useful for Shopify Merchants?

Global operations
With over a $5 trillion market share, you may never like to miss the chance to enter the international eCommerce market. Most small businesses restrict themselves to the local markets because of global hindrances.
The primary advantage of Shopify Markets is it eliminates all hindrances and ensures hassle-free global operations.

Efficient management
As discussed above, Shopify Markets can automate processes to save time and effort. The tool offers an updated database of international taxes, duties, and payment methods. Therefore, you can easily comply with internet shipment standards and customs.
You don’t have to worry about unexpected extra charges and the detention of packages during customs checks.

Improved brand value
Your products/services are not limited to a single country or region. Shopify Markets improve the visibility of your business on global markets and make it reach millions of customers worldwide. Thanks to its local SEO functionalities, you can even rank your eCommerce store for your desired country.
Additionally, it represents you as a professional business adding value to your brand image.

Conversion boost
All right! You’re rocking the global markets efficiently and have access to millions of customers. What can you expect from this? It’s no surprise that Shopify Markets give a sustainable boost to your eCommerce sales and growth.
Even if there’s a recession in your country, you can fulfill your sales target from the other countries you’re selling.

Single dashboard access
Accessing an exclusive set of features doesn’t mean you have to mess up with multiple windows. Shopify Markets give you a single and centralized eCommerce dashboard offering everything in one place.
Thanks to this efficient single dashboard access, you can easily integrate elements and customize your eCommerce store for a better user experience.

Top Features of Shopify Markets:

Automatic currency conversions
Surprisingly, more than 92% of online customers like to shop in their local currencies. That’s what makes currency conversion an exclusive feature of Shopify Markets! The tool can automatically convert prices into more than 133 international currencies.
Don’t worry! As Shopify’s database stays up to date, Shopify Markets adhere to the latest exchange rate for profitable sales.

In addition to local currencies, several other localization factors may affect conversion rates. For instance, over 75% of global customers prefer to shop for products in their native language. With Shopify Markets, you don’t need a third-party app to localize the language.
The tool can translate your store into 20 international languages and boost the conversion rate by up to 16%.

Boost your SEO game
As you know, SEO is a great weapon to win the race of SERP rankings on search engines. Shopify Markets boost your SEO game with custom domains and country-specific SEO functionalities.

The tool can provide you with automated subfolders for every country-specific domain and improve visibility on the internet. Even if someone visits a different domain, Shopify Markets automatically redirect it to the correct one according to their location.

Convenient collection of taxes
If you’re selling products in the global market, duties and taxes become essential factors to consider. But you can’t learn the provisions of duties and taxes of 195 countries and end up with unfulfilled tax concerns during the checkout.
Fortunately, Shopify Markets automatically collect duties and import taxes in advance to ensure hassle-free checkouts.

Support local payment methods
When your customers buy anything online, they may have a couple of payment options to choose from. Payment methods such as debit/credit cards may be used frequently. But it fluctuates according to the countries.
For instance, 80% of European buyers use PayPal and Alipay for online transactions. Shopify Markets utilize the data of the most preferred payment option in a specific country and enable the same in your store.

Shipment optimization
Lastly, Shopify Markets also automate and optimize your shipment processes. You get a specific order preparation center management feature following the transition in different countries. Also, it helps you manage your international fulfilments and distributors for an efficient transition.
This permits greater flexibility when dealing with different countries and reduces transit time for on-time delivery.


While there are a few things to consider before expanding your business globally, Shopify Markets can help you smoothly handle the transitions. With Shopify’s cross-border eCommerce features, you can take your business to the next level and sell in countries worldwide.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you expand your business globally, contact us today for Shopify consulting. Together, we can assess whether global expansion is right for your business and develop a plan to make it happen.