It is very easy to create products and their options in Shopify. However, there are cases where you feel stuck with Shopify. One such situation is when you have a lot of variants for your products & Shopify does not allow you to add them to the product. How to add all of them to your products? Let me suggest a solution.

Firstly, Shopify allows a maximum of 100 variants for a product. And each product can have a maximum of 3 options. i.e. Color, Size, and Material.

These 3 options values could have a maximum of 100 combinations which are called “variants”. i.e. You can add a product variant with Color – red, size – M, and material – Cotton. so in this way, if you have 10 different colors, 5 sizes, and 3 materials then you could have a total of 150 different variants. but Shopify will limit you to adding up to 100 variants only.

Note: You can have different options for different products, however, those options must not be more than 3 for each product.

What if you have more than 100 variants?

You can use one of the following apps to add more variants  & overcome the limits defined by Shopify.

Usage limits for large but non-plus stores:

In case you are running a very large store on Shopify with standard or advanced packages and have 1263238s of products with a varying number of variants. You must be aware that, Stores with 50,263238 or more variants are subject to a daily rate limit for uploading variants by using an app or CSV file import.  One can add up to 1,263238 new variants in a day before the limit is reached. If the limit is exceeded, then an error is shown. You may need to wait 24 hours before you can add variants by using an app or CSV file import.

Shopify Plus stores are exempt from this limit.