WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). It offers a wide range of tools and plugins so that the user who wants to start a website, can use this platform without hassle. WordPress can be used for:

  • e-commerce portal
  • Service-based website
  • Blogging website
  • Brochure website
  • Or any other kind of website…

As you know, WordPress is a free & open-source platform that is free of cost. Still, you will need a domain name and hosting. You can easily design your website with the help of easy-to-use page builders, plugins, and themes. WordPress page builder plugins allow the creation of beautiful web pages easily. This makes WordPress an easily accessible solution for everyone.


WordPress always stuns people with the latest updates, whether these updates are the latest versions or security updates. They always have something in their bucket. From May 27, 2003, to the day, WordPress has made many significant changes and come up timely with its latest versions. From version 0.71 to 6.0.3, WordPress ensured its users get a friendly experience while using the WordPress platform. And now WordPress has come up with its end-year version. Let’s check out what this latest version has:


On the 1st of November, WordPress launched 3rd and last significant release named WordPress 6.1, also known as Misha. The reason behind the excitement of WordPress Community for this release is the features and additional enhancements. Also, team WordPress has made improvements that will give website owners easier customization and more control over their sites. The users will see a lot of writing-focused improvements throughout the release. Let’s break down the key features to know what is inside WordPress 6.1:


  • New Default Twenty Twenty-Three Theme: With version 6.0, WordPress has released a brand new default theme with ten distinct style variations. WordPress has ensured that users can apply these unique styles to get a different look and feel in a single click on the same theme.
  • New Templates: Version 6.0 has more refined and trendy templates that give the website developer more control over the website creation. All you need to do is find your custom template in the Site Editor and create or edit the parts of the template, such as headers and footers with a new search-and-replace tool and view your website.
  • Menu Management: this new fallback option allows you to edit the open menu without searching for anything.
  • Document Settings Visualization With Cleaner Layouts: You will be able to view and manage post and page settings with a better-organized display.
  • Improved block placeholders: Team WordPress has worked on various blocks to improve the placeholders, reflecting the customization options that will help you design your website and its content.


  • Design Tools: WordPress has offered upgraded design tools for design elements and blocks making laying out and building your new site a more consistent, complete, and intuitive experience.
  • One-click lock setting for all inner blocks: You will be able to lock blocks by applying your lock settings to all the blocks in a containing block like the group, cover, and column blocks.
  • The developers will have the ability to choose appearance tools for making any theme more powerful.
  • As a developer, you will find a new iteration of the style system.
  • Filter theme.json data
  • Fluid typography allows for improved responsiveness support
  • Ability to style elements inside blocks like buttons, headings, or captions in theme.json


As you know, WordPress comes with a new version, and various changes are usually made, making the latest version different from others. And sometimes, it may lead to some issues, including failure to be compatible with previous versions of plugins, extensions, or add-ons. Although it can’t always be the case. Still, most plugins and add-ons need to be upgraded or developed to be compatible with the latest 6.1 version. For that, you will seek professional help so that you will be able to run your WordPress website after the upgradation. But the question is, who can help you? The answer to this question is simple, our expert developers at WebGarh Solutions can help you.


WebGarh Solutions is one of the best plugin development and customization service providers. With a team of talented and experienced developers who have been working for years to provide easy-to-manage WordPress platforms according to the customers’ requirements. Here is how we help our clients to run their online platforms:

  • Plugin Customization Services: When it comes to plugins, many possibilities cause plugins to not be compatible with the latest version. In that case, you will need professional help to make your plugins compatible with 6.1. For that, our team of experts can help you.
  • Plugin Development Services: Suppose you are looking for a newly designed plugin that fits according to your website requirements. In that case, all you need to do is inform our developers along with the details about the plugin you want to add to your WordPress platform. And our team of expert developers will create an exact plugin for your website that will be able to fulfill all the needs that you seek.


You must upgrade your previous version of WordPress to the latest 6.1 version. You can simply click here and download the latest version to make your website up to date. Also, if you have any other queries about our plugin development and customization services, feel free to contact us at hello@webgarh.com to get a free consultation. Our experts will help you with all the upgradation and plugin development services.