Crossborderly is a powerful Shopify app (Planned and developed by WebGarh solutions shopify development team) that helps online store owners streamline and simplify the process of international shipping mainly to latin american countries. 

With Crossborderly, online store owners can easily expand their customer base to Latin America without worrying about the complexities of shipping across borders.


1. Shopify app must be available on shopify marketplace for any store to install, setup and use.
2. Must be easy to setup and use
3. Must provide “crossborderly” as shipping carrier to store’s customers to choose on checkout page
4. The shipping charges must be calculated and shown to the customer on the checkout page.
5. The shipping charge must be added to the order total and the customer must pay the shipping charge while checking out.
6. The collected shipping charge must be transferred to the app’s account automatically once the order fulfillment starts.
7. Must allow the store owners to set up their shipping rules inside the app. App must be working for only some specific countries based on the customer’s shipping address

Our Solutions:

We planned, and built the shopify app which allows easy set up of international shipping to latin america using this shipping carrier. The app automatically calculates shipping rates and taxes for each order based on the shiping country and the weight of the package.

Main Features in the Web Application:-

Onboarding: Signup
Enter details for signup, the merchant gets a specific shipper Id.

EasyCrossborderShipping - Business Details

Configure countries:
Select the countries from the available countries list to start shipping into those countries. Only Latin American countries are available.

EasyCrossborderShipping - ship to countries

Shipping Rules:
After selecting the country the store owner can create a rule for shipping services. They can create add and discount / markup rules based on the cart total, cart product weight total or total quantity for all countries or for a specific county. These rules are applied while shipping prices are calculated on the frontend end.

EasyCrossborderShipping - Shipping Rules

Shipping carrier is available for selection on frontend while placing an order (if shipping address is from the selected countries in the app):

The shipping carrier can be disabled anytime.

Auto Shipping Payment Collection:-
The app auto collects the shipping payments from the store owners and transfers them to the shipper’s account. The payment collection is completed per order basis, provided that the shipping label is created.

Email Notifications:-
There are a number of email notifications implemented at the occurrence of various events inside the app. We are using a third party mail client – MailGun to send the emails.

Note: Shopify app needs a minimum advanced shopify plan on the store.

App workflow


The shopify app is available on the marketplace for any merchant who wants to start shipping to latin american countries. The app is supported & managed by webgarh solutions.

Hire developers to create similar shopify apps for your custom requirements or allow other shopify merchants to use your app by publishing it on shopify marketplace and earn subscription fees while we manage the entire backend / development and support process for you. Get in touch with us today. Click here