What is “OffsetMyorder” Shopify app:

A public app to be available on Shopify marketplace which allows the
store owners to collect a small amount from customers while they are purchasing to offset the carbon
footprints of their purchase. The collected funds are transferred to the app owner and are used for
carbon offsetting through various activities.

App Objectives:

  • To create a Shopify public app for merchants and published on Shopify
  • Easy installation for merchants and setup
  • Dashboard 1 for merchants to view the contribution statistics on their store
  • Dashboard 2 for app owners to track contributions collected by each store.
  • Enduring the app owner/organization get paid for the collected donations automatically.

Our Solution:

1. Public Shopify App

The public Shopify app is published & available on Shopify marketplace
here. The app provides an easy onboarding
process along with a dashboard to the store owner to view collected donations, along with other


Default contribution is set to 1% for every
customer in the store, however, this can be changed to desired levels by the merchant.

Merchants can activate or deactivate the app at
any time.


Merchants can see their store’s collected donations in
this section with order number, date and amount.

Customer View / Cart page

After activating & enabling the theme extension.
The block for the Carbon offset contribution is shown in the cart. The customer has the choice
to contribute by sliding the button to green.

Dashboard for App Developer/owner:

A password protected dashboard is created for the app owner to view the contributions received from
store. The dashboard is available on a private link and is protected by the password.

Settings Section:

App developers/owners
can set the default contribution %age that each store views once they install the store.
However, this value can be overridden by the store owners with their own values.

Donation Report:

Super admin can see all merchants’s donation
collections. Multiple filters are available to filter the reports.

Making Fund Transfers Easy 

We have used the Shopify billing to automatically credit the contributions collected from every store to
the app’s account. The reports of contribution deducted and credits are available to store owners and
app owners.

Tech Stack

  • Shopify APIs 
  • Laravel
  • MySql
  • Html/css for frontend


The publishing process is fully handled by our team. The “offset my order” Shopify app is available in
the Shopify marketplace. The app allows merchants to collect carbon offset commissions from their


Great work by Webgarh Solutions in getting everything we needed
completed and in a timely manner. The app works great and she has always been there to answer
any queries I have had. Will be using it again!

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