“PayPal Order Sync” Shopify App: (published in shopify store)

This shopify app is created to solve shopify merchant’s big problems which usually lead to cash flow problems. Specifically those merchants face the issue who are using PayPal to accept the payments on their store.

PayPal by policy does not release funds to the store’s account until the shipping details of the products of the order are not provided to PayPal. The merchants being busy, or due to the lack of resources, often forget to update the shipping information on the PayPal which leads to the funds being not released.

PayPal order sync, shopify app, available on the shopify marketplace for any store to install and use. Solve the above problem by automatically updating the shipping details on PayPal as soon as the shipping details are added to the shopify for any order.


  • To create and publish an app on shopify marketplace
  • To make it easy for merchants to use it.
  • Must function automatically to update shipping details on linked paypal account


A public shopify app is produced with the following features.

Manage Connection

Merchants can connect their PayPal account with the app using this connect button. Need to make sure to use only activated paypal account with the store.

Onparallel Events fetch customer data and insert into apptivo

Shipping Information

Once the Order is placed by customers with the Paypal payment method and that order is marked fulfilled from the shopify admin panel, the app works automatically to post shipping information to the paypal account.

Onparallel Events fetch customer data and insert into apptivo

Access Funds more quickly and get Statistics

The statistics of the order processed by the app are available on the app dashboard.

Onparallel Events fetch customer data and insert into apptivo

Tech Stack

  • Laravel
  • MySQL


PayTrackster helps to reduce disputes and chargebacks, saving store owners time and money in the long run.

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