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Shopify App – Automating Release Of Funds From PayPal For Any Shopify Store
Shopify App – Automating release of funds from PayPal for any Shopify store

“PayPal Order Sync” Shopify App: (published in shopify store) This shopify app is created to solve shopify merchant’s big problems which usually lead to cash…

OnParallel & Apptivo CRM Integration
OnParallel & Apptivo CRM Integration

OVERVIEW: This project involved automation and integration of onparallel platform with apptivo CRM. The ideas was to get the customer data (from various parallels) from…

“Easy Crossborder Shipping”:  A New Shipping Carrier Shopify App
“Easy Crossborder Shipping”: A new shipping carrier shopify app

Overview: Crossborderly is a powerful Shopify app (Planned and developed by WebGarh solutions shopify development team) that helps online store owners streamline and simplify the…

Offsetmyorder Shopify Public App  That Allows Customers To Offset The Carbon Emissions Of Their Orders With Donations
Offsetmyorder Shopify Public App That Allows Customers to Offset the Carbon Emissions of Their Orders With Donations

What is “OffsetMyorder” Shopify app: A public app to be available on Shopify marketplace which allows the store owners to collect a small amount from…

Winestro Connector Shopify App (Public)
Winestro Connector Shopify App (Public)

Winestro Connector is a Shopify app that allows for automatic data transfer between and a user’s store. This eliminates the need for manual copying…

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